Field Research and Special Research

In early April 2018, Niantic finally introduced quests into Pokemon Go. This
is a feature that players had been asking for, for a long time. The quests
come in two different types. There are Field Research quests, that are
unlimited. You can do as many of these each day as you’d like and earn
rewards for each completed tast. There are also Special Research quests.
This is more of a linear storyline mode that ultimately leads to a chance to
catch the first Mythical Pokemon to appear in the game – the beloved Mew!

When you complete a Field Research quest, you earn a stamp. Once you earn 7
stamps, you will earn a Research Breakthrough reward. For April 2018, the
reward is a level 15 Moltres encounter. For May 2018, the reward is a level
15 Zapdos encounter. As mentioned before, you can earn multiple Field
Research rewards each day, but you can only earn one stamp per day.

The Special Research quests are much more complex than the Field Research
quests. They are divided into 8 stages, starting with simple tasks likes
spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon and ending with catching Mew. Along
the way, you’ll have to evolve a Magikarp into a Gyardos, so make sure and
save those Magikarp candy! Special Research tasks and stages can also only be
completed one time. At this time, once you’ve caught Mew, the Special
Research portion of the game is complete.